• There are many aspects of Big Data software
    The first is the Architecture
    The second is the Data integrity
    The third is Insight generation
    I am an expert of Insight generation
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    Big Data
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    Multiple Technologies
    Experience working with various models
    and various devices
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    Rapid Prototyping
    I believe that innovation is a result of experimenting
    The faster the proof-of-concept development,
    the faster we can make an educated decision.
    Experimenting with technologies and models is
    my passion

Nice to meet you !

Uri Goren


"Wealth of information creates poverty of attention" (Herbert Simon)
Today's technology made it easy to gather information from both our virtual and physical environment. I believe that abundance of data can be a mixed blessing and need to be handled with care. My expertise is developing tools for Big Data, extracting insights, and building mechanisms for long-term data enrichment.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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